ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp.

Status: Live Deal
U=S+W/4 W=S@11.5
Target: Fast Radius
IPO Proceeds, $M $345.00M
IPO Date Feb 9, 2021
CEO Tyler Reeder
Left Lead Barclays
IPO Cash in Trust 100.0%
SPAC Tenor 24 months
IPO Sector Energy

Businesses located in North America that concentrate on combatting climate change by decreasing the carbon intensity of energy production, increasing the efficiency of industrial and consumer-related activities, expanding electricity storage and distribution, and improving the overall sustainability of the economy through efforts to lower pollution and increase beneficial reuse

IPO Geography US/Canada
Target Company Fast Radius
Deal Announced Jul 19, 2021
Deal Size, $M $995.00M
Deal Geography US/Canada
Deal Sector Technology
SEC Filings

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