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US SPAC IPO Issuance

Year Amount Raised ($bn) # IPOs Average Size ($mm)
2020 26.0 66 394.6
2019 13.6 59 230.5
2018 10.8 46 233.7
2017 10.0 34 295.5
2016 3.5 13 269.2
2015 3.9 20 195.1
2014 1.8 12 145.8
2013 1.4 10 144.7

Active SPAC Summary

Group # of SPACs Amount in Trust
Total Active 140 $41,839,167,331
Announced business combinations 29 $7,158,932,120
Seeking target 111 $34,680,235,211
Pre-IPO 26 $8,310,000,000*

Latest SPAC News

Aug 12 2020
To open for trade 8/12/2020 at 10:20am ET
To open for trade on NYSE 8/12/2020

HighPeak Energy, Inc. has applied to list its contingent value rights on the Nasdaq, however there is no certainty that the necessary approvals to list the CVRs will be obtained by the closing of the business combination

  • 8/11/2020, PACQ announced that, in the event that HighPeak Energy’s CVRs are not approved for listing on an exchange by the closing of the business combination, the parties to the business combination agreement intend to waive the condition that the CVRs be approved for listing as a closing condition
  • In the event that the CVRs are not approved for listing at the time of closing, HighPeak Energy intends to have the CVRs quoted OTC, while it works as expeditiously as possible to have them approved for listing on the national securities exchange in which HighPeak Energy’s common stock and warrants are listed


  • Units consist of one share and one-quarter warrant (was previously one-third warrant)
  • DGNR's sponsor will purchase 14mm warrants at $1.00 per warrant (was previously 15.8mm warrants at $1.50)
    • At-risk purchase remains $14mm

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