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US SPAC IPO Issuance

Year Amount Raised ($bn) # IPOs Average Size ($mm)
2020 9.3 28 332.1
2019 13.6 59 230.5
2018 10.8 46 233.7
2017 10.0 34 295.5
2016 3.5 13 269.2
2015 3.9 20 195.1
2014 1.8 12 145.8
2013 1.4 10 144.7

Active SPAC Summary

Group # of SPACs Amount in Trust
Total Active 109 $27,214,291,127
Announced business combinations 14 $2,980,835,005
Seeking target 95 $24,233,456,122
Pre-IPO 6 $941,000,000*

Latest SPAC News

Jun 1 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting to be held at 9:00 a.m. EST on July 2, 2020 at the offices of the Company’s U.S. counsel, Graubard Miller, 405 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, New York 10174

  • Record date 6/5/2020
  • Redemption deadline: 6/30/2020 (two business days before the meeting)

    Meeting Agenda
  • Extension Amendment Proposal - to extend the date by which the Company must consummate a business combination from 7/2/2020 to TBD (the “Extended Date”)


  • If the Extension Amendment proposal is approved and the Extension is implemented, insiders will deposit into the trust account $TBD for each public share that is not converted in connection with the stockholder vote to approve the Extension, for each monthly period, or portion thereof, that is needed by the Company to complete an initial business combination from 7/2/2020 until the Extended Date
  • Holders of public shares do not need to vote on the Extension Amendment proposal or be a holder of record on the record date to exercise conversion rights

Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation and Hycroft Mining Corporation are pleased to announce the consummation of the purchase of Hycroft by MUDS

  • HYMC has 50.2mm common shares outstanding, as of the consummation of the transaction
  • HYMC has in excess of $50.0mm of unrestricted cash on hand post transaction
  • Cash sources for the transaction included
    • a $110.0mm multi-tranche senior secured credit facility by Sprott Private Resource Lending II, LP, of which $70.0 million was drawn at closing
    • a $30.0mm 1.5% net smelter royalty agreement arranged by Sprott Private Resource Lending II Inc.
    • a $25.0mm forward purchase of HYMC's units and shares by Mudrick Capital Acquisition Holdings LLC
    • a $75.96mm purchase of HYMC shares by certain stockholders of Hycroft
    • the net cash of $12.4mm remaining in HYMC's trust account following stockholder redemptions (implies approximately 5.7mm shares redeemed)
    • HYMC's post-transaction indebtedness will include amounts drawn from the Senior Credit Facility plus newly issued subordinated notes totaling $80.0mm
      • All other indebtedness of Hycroft was retired, exchanged for MUDS shares or converted into Hycroft shares
      • The Hycroft stockholders were distributed shares of HYMC upon the dissolution of Hycroft

Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. and Clever Leaves International Inc. have jointly announced today that they entered into a non-binding letter of intent pursuant to which SAMA and Clever Leaves would enter into a business combination, with the combined company becoming a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ

  • The parties intend to execute a definitive agreement in June with a closing expected in the Q3 2020
  • No assurances can be made that the parties will successfully negotiate and enter into a definitive agreement, or that the proposed transaction will be consummated on the terms or timeframe currently contemplated, or at all
  • Any transaction would be subject to the approval of the two companies’ boards, regulatory and shareholder approvals, as well as other customary conditions
  • SAMA’s cash balances, currently in excess of $130 million, would be used primarily to fund the combined company’s near-term operating expenses, capital expenditures, working capital, and potential M&A opportunities

About Clever Leaves
With operations and facilities in Colombia, Portugal, the United States, Canada and Germany, Clever Leaves is a vertically integrated, multi-national cannabis operator. The Company has successfully developed a low-cost, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis cultivation and extraction platform, operating under Colombian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cannabis production. Clever Leaves is also in the process to become one of the few -and the only one in LATAM - cannabis companies to be granted a European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (“EU GMP”) certification for extracts, subject to successful completion of the process. The Company currently cultivates in over 1.9 million square feet of greenhouses, making it one of the largest cannabis cultivation and extraction companies globally, while operating at a fraction of the industry’s average production costs. Clever Leaves employs a staff of approximately 500 globally and has raised approximately $120 million to date, including substantial debt and equity investments from leading institutional investors with a demonstrated track record in the cannabis sector.

Clever Leaves has a burgeoning global distribution network, including whole or partial ownership of two medical cannabis distribution companies in Germany as well as a branded nutraceutical producer and distributor in the US, currently distributing non-cannabis products. The Company’s significant investments are anticipated to drive sales growth in rapidly expanding cannabis markets within Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and South America. Clever Leaves also recently secured a regional supply agreement with Canopy Growth, which reaffirms Clever Leaves’ position as a leading cannabis supplier in Latin America. Details of Clever Leaves’ financial profile will be disclosed upon the announcement of a definitive agreement, if executed.

Initial S-1

Open Lending, LLC today announced it certified 5,561 loans during the month of May, a greater than 30% increase to the midpoint of the revised guidance and ahead of the high end of the revised guidance for the month

  • Despite COVID-19 pressures on automotive dealerships, Open Lending’s certification volume is up over 25% year-to-date

Extension Meeting

  • NEBU postponed its Extension Meeting to 12:00 p.m., Eastern time, on 6/9/2020, immediately following the approval meeting (was scheduled for 11:00 a.m., Eastern time, on 6/3/2020)
  • The deadline for public stockholders to exercise their redemption rights in connection with the extension has been postponed to 4:30 p.m., Eastern time, on Friday, 6/5/2020 (two business days before the Extension Meeting)
  • The parties expect to close the business combination on or about 6/10/2020

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