SPAC Research API Reference

The SPAC Research API uses standard HTTP codes, verbs, and authentication, and returns JSON-encoded responses.

Please read and accept the API License Agreement before interacting with the SPAC Research API.


Added fields to the GET /api/v1/company response:

  • targetName
  • tenor
  • address


Send HTTP Authorization header in each request.

Substitute API_SECRET_TOKEN with your API Secret Token.

GET /api/v1/company HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer API_SECRET_TOKEN


Request US-listed SPAC data by company status.

GET /api/v1/company?status=[pre-ipo|active|archive]

Use the status query parameter to request companies of a specific status:

Status Definition
pre-ipo Between filing of initial S-1 and pricing of IPO
active (default) Between pricing of IPO and closing of business combination
archive After closing of business combination or liquidation, and dating back to 2015 IPOs

Response Schema

Name Description Type Status
ID Unique identifier for each SPAC String (UUID) Default
Name Corporate name of entity String Default
Symbols Array of symbol metadata; see Symbol metadata section Array Default
SEC Filings Link Link to the SPAC's SEC filing index String Default
S-1 Filing Date Date of initial S-1 filing String (ISO-8601) Default
Tenor Life of SPAC in months, including sponsor-optional extensions String Default
Unit Structure Composition of units. Example: U=S+W/2. Meaning: Units consist of one common share and ½ warrant String Default
Warrant Structure Composition of warrants. Example: W=S@11.5. Meaning: Warrants can purchase one share of common stock at a price of $11.50 per share.
Note: this field will occasionally contain asterisks that will require manual attention to parse.
String Default
Warrant Redemption Price Price above which warrants may be called for redemption Numeric Default
Underwriters Array of underwriter metadata; see Underwriter metadata section Array Default
Personnel Array of personnel metadata; see Directors & Officers metadata section Array Default
Issuer Counsel Issuer Legal Counsel String Default
Auditor Auditor String Default
Underwriter Counsel Underwriter Legal Counsel String Default
Incorporation Corporate domicile String Default
Address Corporate address String Default
Public Units Number of public units sold at IPO, including over-allotment Numeric Default
Notable Sponsor Affiliates Notable entities affiliated with the SPAC or its sponsor String Default
Intended Sector Long-form description of SPAC focus area from S-1 String Default
IPO Sector Focus SPAC Sector Focus at IPO String Default
IPO Geographic Focus SPAC Geographic Focus at IPO String Default
Merger Sector Focus Sector of SPAC Acquisition Target String Default
Merger Geographic Focus Geography of SPAC Acquisition Target String Default
Trust Account Value Value of trust account Numeric Pre-IPO Active
Trust Share Price Last reported trust value Numeric Pre-IPO Active
Estimated Current Cash Estimated current cash in trust per share, per SPAC Research estimated trust model.
Uses most recent reported trust value from company filings and applies lookback on 1- and 6-month Treasury rates. Accounts for income & franchise taxes, sponsor contributions to trust, and working capital withdrawals (if any). THIS FIELD IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE.
Numeric Active
Estimated Cash at Liquidation Estimated cash in trust per share at End Date. Assumes no optional extensions. Numeric Active
Merger Target True if the SPAC has an active definitive business combination agreement, otherwise false Boolean Active
Merger Target Name Name of acquisition target/newco String Active Archive
Public Shares Outstanding Number of outstanding public shares after any effected extension/closing redemptions Numeric Active
Deal Enterprise Value Pro forma enterprise value of newco Numeric Active Archive
Public Warrants Outstanding Number of outstanding warrants Numeric Active Archive
IPO Date First date of live trading of units String (ISO-8601) Active Archive
Deal Announcement Date Date of business combination announcement String (ISO-8601) Active Archive
End Date Date by which SPAC must consummate a business combination or commence liquidating its trust account String (ISO-8601) Active
Merger Outside Date If present, date after which a SPAC’s definitive business combination agreement may be terminated.
Merger Outside Date may be conditional and should be carefully reviewed.
String (ISO-8601) Active
Outside Liquidation Date If present, date to which SPAC's liquidation deadline may be extended without submission for shareholder vote. String (ISO-8601) Active
Closing or Liquidation Date Date on which SPAC Research ceased updating this record String (ISO-8601) Active Archive
New Ticker Symbol New ticker symbol for post-merger common stock (if present) String Active Archive
Archive Symbols Array of post-merger symbol metadata; see Archive Symbol metadata section Array Active Archive
Redemption Ratio Percentage of original SPAC public shares that were redeemed over the course of that SPAC's life. String Archive

The Pre-IPO, Active, and Archive tags indicate which fields may be returned per company status. See the corresponding /company?status= values in the table above.

Default fields are always returned if available.
    "id": "99a035ce-e3df-42ef-b545-743ff3d982a6",
    "ipoDate": "2019-02-07",
    "name": "Monocle Acquisition Corporation",
    "endDate": "2020-11-11",
    "initialS1Date": "2021-03-02",
    "dealAnnouncementDate": "2021-02-01",
    "outsideLiquidationDate": "2023-01-27",
    "ipoSectorTag": "Technology",
    "ipoGeographyTag": "Global",
    "mergerGeographyTag": "Global",
    "mergerSectorTag": "Media & Entertainment",
    "closingOrLiquidationDate": "2022-01-23",
    "intendedSector": "Education, e-commerce",
    "secFilingLink": "",
    "issuerCounsel": "Price Gross Shaw LLC",
    "underwriterCounsel": "Pierce & Pierce",
    "auditor": "WithumSmith+Brown",
    "incorporation": "Delaware",
    "trustAcctValue": 62286780,
    "trustSharePrice": 10.55,
    "warrantRedemptionPrice": 18,
    "estimatedCashInTrustPerShare": 10.16,
    "estimatedCashAtLiquidation": 10.4,
    "notableAffiliates": "Cowen Investments",
    "publicSharesOutstanding": 17250000,
    "publicUnits": 17250000,
    "rootSymbol": "MNCLU",
    "target": true,
    "unitSpecs": "U=S+W",
    "warrantSpecs": "W=S@11.5",
    "redemptionRatio": "99.7%",
Symbol Metadata
Name Description Type
Symbol Ticker symbol String
Type Stock type e.g. common, units, warrants, rights String
ISIN International Securities Identification Number String
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures String
    "symbols": [
        "symbol": "MNCLU",
        "type": "units",
        "cusip": "609754205",
        "isin": "US6097542053"
        "symbol": "MNCLW",
        "type": "warrants",
        "cusip": "609754114",
        "isin": "US6097541147"
        "symbol": "MNCL",
        "type": "common",
        "cusip": "609754106",
        "isin": "US6097541063"
Archive Symbol Metadata
Name Description Type
Symbol Ticker symbol String
Type Stock type e.g. common, units, warrants, rights String
    "archiveSymbols": [
        "symbol": "CCNC",
        "type": "common"
        "symbol": "CCNCW",
        "type": "warrants"
Underwriter Metadata
Name Description Type
Name Underwriter name String
Units Number of units sold by underwriter Numeric
Book-running manager True if the underwriter is the designated book-running manager Boolean
The first underwriter in the array is considered the "Lead Left" underwriter.
    "underwriters": [
        "name": "Cowen and Company, LLC",
        "units": 12000000,
        "bookRunningManager": true
        "name": "Chardan Capital Markets, LLC",
        "units": 3000000,
        "bookRunningManager": true
Directors & Officers Metadata
Name Description Type
Name Director or officer name String
Position Director or officer position String
    "personnel": [
        "name": "Linda Sample",
        "position": "Chief Executive Officer and Director"
        "name": "Fred Sample",
        "position": "Director"

SPAC Data by Symbol

Get a specific company by ID or root symbol.

GET /api/v1/company/:identifier

Request Examples

Get a company by ID:

GET /api/v1/company/99a035ce-e3df-42ef-b545-743ff3d982a6

Get a company by root symbol:

GET /api/v1/company/MNCLU

Response Schema

Returns a single company object, in the same schema as the /company endpoint above.

Event Feed

Get a feed of future SPAC events.

GET /calendar.json

Example Response

    "root-symbol": "SMMCU",
    "date": "2021-06-24",
    "title": "Liq. date",
    "company-name": "South Mountain Merger Corp."
    "root-symbol": "CCC2",
    "date": "2021-07-01",
    "title": "Charter extension meeting",
    "company-name": "Churchill Capital Corp II"
    "root-symbol": "GLEO.U",
    "date": "2021-07-22",
    "title": "Target approval meeting",
    "company-name": "Galileo Acquisition Corp."