Star Peak Corp II

Status: Pre-Deal
U=S+W/4 W=S@11.5
IPO Proceeds, $M $402.5
IPO Date Jan 6, 2021
CEO Eric Scheyer
Left Lead Credit Suisse
IPO Cash in Trust 100%
SPAC Tenor 24 months
IPO Sector General

Clean energy and power, sustainable food and agriculture, transportation, resource management, environmental services and technology enabled sustainable solutions in North America

IPO Geography US/Canada
Target Company Benson Hill
Deal Announced May 10, 2021
Deal Size, $M $1,351.0
Deal Geography Global
Deal Sector Food
SEC Filings

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  • 8 directors & officers
  • 10 filings and events
  • 2 underwriters
  • 6 deal advisors
  • 2 legal advisors
  • 140 shareholders (from 13F filings)