Atlantic Acquisition Corp.

Status: Deal Closed
U=S+R R=S/10
Target: HF Group; Closing Date: Aug 22, 2018
IPO Proceeds, $M $44.25M
IPO Date Aug 9, 2017
CEO Richard Xu
Left Lead Chardan
IPO Cash in Trust 102.0%
SPAC Tenor 18 + (3 * 2)
IPO Sector Consumer

Businesses operated by ethnic minorities or providing products or services to ethnic minorities in the United States, especially within Asian-American communities

IPO Geography US/Canada
Target Company HF Group
Deal Announced Mar 28, 2018
Deal Size, $M $231.60M
Deal Geography US/Canada
Deal Sector Food
SEC Filings
Closing Date Aug 22, 2018
Formerly ATAC HFFG

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